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Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC

Virginia Procurement Technical Assistance Center

Founded in 2008, Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC provides a diverse range of consultative services designed to enhance and support health care providers, community based organizations, and public health agencies through its talented team of 52 employees. Visionary also provides innovative staffing support and personnel augmentation services for its diverse client base by utilizing its national and international network of resources. Visionary prides itself on its ability to take inventory on a company’s current employee capacity, assessing the needs of a specific contract, and filling the required positions with experienced, knowledgeable and capable bodies.  In short, by applying industry best practices, proven business methodologies, and real world experience, Visionary excels at crafting custom solutions that meet the individual needs of each and every one of its clients.

Through Visionary’s consistent self-evaluation to achieve greater and learn constantly, they realized an obstacle or problem was improving its win rate. After speaking with the Virginia APEX Accelerator about its desire to improve its overall proposal response process, Visionary sent its Business Development Executive – Derek Hall – and also its Lead Proposal Writer – Paolo Bocao – to the PTAC sponsored course, “Responding to RFPs” taught by Robert Gahagan.

The course provided Visionary with a better understanding on how to improve its business processes in order to enhance their ability to respond to RFP’s (Request For Proposals).  The course also informed Visionary on the sources of where RFP’s are publicized, improved Visionary’s RFP analysis process, and made Visionary more knowledgeable about Government specifications and the federal market.

The lessons learned in the Virginia APEX Accelerator course improved Visionary’s RFP production process, and also the quality of their submitted proposals. This resulted in Visionary being awarded three (3) defense contracts within the Defense Health Agency (DHA) in 2014 that totaled to approximately $12M in revenue.

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