Laying the proper foundation for GovCon*

  1. Gain context through Government Market Fundamentals and other on‐demand or live webinars:
  2. Review policies and expectations for counseling:
  3. Contact your counselor to coordinate counseling date/time†:
  4. Convey business goals and GovCon ambitions. Counselor assists with each topic as time allows†. One item per session, each subsequent session follows homework and covers a new topic:
    •, SWaM / Micro,, or other registration;
    • Review capability statement and marketing to gov. via DSBS and eVA;
    • Cybersecurity and other compliance discussion;
    • Finding primes, learning how to approach as a subcontractor or prime and proceed with teaming / subcontracting agreement;
  5. Advanced topics. Counselor assists with each topic as time allows†:
    • Deep dive into market research and determining which buyers to target;
    • GSA Schedule (do readiness assessment on MAS prior to meeting);
    • Finding opportunities and bids (SAM, BMS, other aggregator resources);
    • How to submit proposals and leverage set aside status to compete and win;
    • Actual proposal reviews require minimum 2 weeks before submission.

*A checklist for ‘kickoff’ counseling sessions. Useful for new to GovCon or new(er) in business. Not always applicable to advanced businesses who may have more specific questions not addressed above.


†Has the client taken training before counseling session on this topic? If not, reschedule counseling for after at least one live or on‐demand training course has been completed for most effective counseling session.

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