IPP – Web-based vendor invoicing


IPP is a Web-based system that provides one integrated, secure system to simplify the management of vendor invoices. It is offered at no charge to federal agencies and their vendors. IPP can help federal agencies avoid Prompt Payment penalties by supporting more efficient invoice processing while automating invoice collection, validation and approval workflows. Vendors can manage their receivables more easily using one system to transact with multiple agencies.

As of 2018, 87 federal government entities use IPP, including the Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of the Interior (DOI) and Department of the Treasury. Thirteen additional federal government entities are in the process of implementing IPP.

Vendors enrolled in IPP use Payment Notification Service (PNS) to be notified when payments are issued by an even larger number of federal government entities. The vendors can also access their remittance information free of charge through IPP.

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