Ginny Goodbread


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for all of your help. I’ve been in business since 1991. I remember when SAM used to be CCR. I had set myself up in the system all by myself, with no help from anyone. For years I had no problems or issues. THIS year, however, was when I discovered I had major issues going on within SAM because of incorrect data I had entered. This all came to light due to the fact I had lost a $5k order that was with the government. The DLA person contacted me and said, I cannot award you this because you are big business. I said no, I am not! Well, sure enough, I was showing up within the system as being woman owned, but large business. That is when I started making phone calls and trying to get anyone to help me figure this out. I felt like I was going down a rabbit hole, because at each turn, I had to do something else. I finally was able to get in contact with V-PTAC and was issued a counselor. I remember the first time Michele came out to visit. We thought it would be an easy fix, but it turned out to be a BIG mess! We could not get in to fix or change the things that needed to be fixed. Requirements had changed within the system. Michele helped me figure out what changes needed to be made, helped me with my self-certification with the SBA and to follow the instructions for the new information that was requested. We FINALLY get to the end and still could not get resolve. Thanks to Tom, for helping us figure out a few things and he went above and beyond to help get this show on the road! Michele was able to come back last Friday and everything went fine! Everything has been corrected and submitted and I am waiting on the SAM update for my status. In all my dealings with the government and all the hoops one must jump through, between Michele and Tom’s combined efforts, I take my hat off to them! I’ve never had anyone help me like they have! I truly appreciate it! Michele, I appreciate your input, your insight and your patience with me! If I had to give you a star rating it would be 10 stars!!!

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