Posts Tagged problems as of 3/8/2023 Generating Bad Emails with “Someone updated the entity registration” Message


Please note that many clients of Virginia APEX Accelerator are receiving messages from with the message that their entity registration was updated when no such update occurred.

A review of the current outages on the Federal Service Desk website reveals there is a outage AND that the cause of these emails are being investigated. The latest message on 3/8/2023 referenced “We believe the matter is related to a software issue” but we recommend checking for updates on the alerts page linked below.

Please do not click any links in those emails at this time and monitor the website for more information:

*As a friendly reminder, Virginia APEX Accelerator, an APEX Accelerator, is not connected to and is a separate resource provider. We help our clients navigate but do not have any control or access to the backend of the system.

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Notarized Letter Requirement for Entity Administrators


Courtesy of the federal service desk knowledge base

What to include requires a notarized letter to give access to new Entity Administrators on existing registrations where there is no existing administrator to approve your role request. Letters must be submitted to the Federal Service Desk ( Your notarized letter needs to:

  • Be on your company/organization letterhead, and be signed by your company President, CEO, or other authorized signature authority
  • Contain your company / organization Unique Entity ID
  • Contain the new Entity Administrator’s name, phone number, and email address and match exactly how its displayed on your individual account
  • Provide a justification for the change
  • Contain this statement (see templates) above the signature block of your letter and insert the appropriate names where noted

How to Submit Notarized Letter to Federal Service Desk

The letter must be notarized, scanned, and submitted to the Federal Service Desk (

Note: The new Entity Administrator must have an individual user account created with the e-mail address provided in the notarized letter for the FSD to process your request.

Follow the steps below to submit the scanned notarized letter to 

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select “Create an Incident” (scroll to bottom of page)
  3. Select System for Award Management (SAM) in the “System Name” field (drop down menu) 
  4. Select SAM: Notarized Letter in the “Issue Type” field
  5. Fill out all remaining fields
  6. Select the “Paperclip” icon (attachments button) and attach your scanned notarized letter 
  7. Once you have filled out all required information and attached your notarized letter, click “Submit”

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