Counseling Policies



  • Review ‘Before You Start’
  • Review ‘Schedule a Meeting with Your Counselor’
  • Upon approval as a counseling client, your assigned Virginia APEX Accelerator counselor will contact you via email and via phone in an attempt to schedule an initial appointment. If you do not respond to the email or the return the phone call we will not attempt to contact you further. Follow-on appointments are by request.
  • Counseling clients may receive up to 4 one-hour appointments per rolling 12 month period based on counselor availability. Additional appointments beyond the annual limit require the client’s procurement counselor to obtain approval from the Virginia APEX Accelerator Statewide Director before scheduling additional appointments as needed.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Notice by client:
    • Please be advised that clients must provide at least 1 business day* notice to cancel an upcoming appointment. *24 hour notification must occur during regular business hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM–5:00 PM (no weekends or holidays). Example: Notification of an appointment cancellation is given on Friday at 10:00 PM for a Monday, 12:00 PM appointment would be insufficient. If the same notice were given for a 9:00 AM Tuesday appointment, it would meet the 1 business day notice requirement.
    • To comply with notification requirements please email the counselor AND to inform us of your cancellation. You may also give us a call at 703-277-7750 to verify the message was received.
  • Failure to notify (no-show):
    • Inconveniences both counselors and other clients on the waiting list for an appointment.
    • You are considered a no-show if you miss your appointment without notifying the counselor in writing via email and copying at least 1 business day in advance. This process allows an alternate client to be identified and scheduled to take that appointment slot.
    • A ‘no-show’ notice will be sent for the first occurrence and marked on our records and any subsequent no-shows will be flagged as well.
    • No-show incidents twice in a row, or three times within a six-month period, will result in suspension of counseling services. You will be suspended from scheduling a counseling appointment for six months before appointment availability is reinstated. This suspension will not impact other client services.
  • Inclement Weather:
    • Most appointments will not be impacted as they take place over Zoom or MS Teams.
    • If GMU administrative office closures or delays impact your appointment, your counselor or another staff member will reach out via email or phone should there be a need to reschedule.
  • In-Person Appointments:
    • While in-person appointments are no longer the norm, they may be requested and availability will depend on counselor proximity and availability. We encourage counseling clients to take advantage of our in-person training courses and workshops to network with the instructors and their peers.


Special Accommodations:

In accordance with the American Disabilities Act and state law, you may request reasonable accommodations due to a disability by contacting us. Advance notice is required.

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