Blog problems as of 3/8/2023 Generating Bad Emails with “Someone updated the entity registration” Message


Please note that many clients of Virginia APEX Accelerator are receiving messages from with the message that their entity registration was updated when no such update occurred.

A review of the current outages on the Federal Service Desk website reveals there is a outage AND that the cause of these emails are being investigated. The latest message on 3/8/2023 referenced “We believe the matter is related to a software issue” but we recommend checking for updates on the alerts page linked below.

Please do not click any links in those emails at this time and monitor the website for more information:

*As a friendly reminder, Virginia APEX Accelerator, an APEX Accelerator, is not connected to and is a separate resource provider. We help our clients navigate but do not have any control or access to the backend of the system.

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