The long-awaited MAS Mass Mod for current GSA Schedule holders is scheduled to be released THIS Friday, January 31st. Below is a checklist of things to prepare yourself for Phase II of GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Consolidation:

  • Review GSA’s Available Offerings Attachment for information on where your currently awarded SINs will be mapped under the new MAS consolidated structure.
  • Ensure your SAM Registration has the appropriate NAICS codes lined up with your newly mapped MAS SINs.
  • Review the status of any outstanding SIN addition or deletion modifications. GSA is planning to have all SIN related modifications resolved prior to contractors accepting the upcoming Mass Mod.
  • If you are in the process of exercising an option for your current Schedule contract, please consult with your CO/CS prior to accepting the Mass Mod.
  • Review the MAS Mass Mod THOROUGHLY, making sure you take note of and respond to each clause that is required or pertinent to your company, as you MUST respond to every single one.
  • Work with your assigned GSA CO/CS to ensure completion of your SIN mapping once the MAS Mass Mod is accepted
  • All contractors will need to complete a SIP upload for GSA eLibrary and GSA Advantage! to reflect the new MAS SIN(s) within 30 days of acceptance.
  • Ensure all marketing material referencing to your GSA contract includes the new Schedule name, Schedule number, Large Category, Subcategory, and SIN structure.

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