Why do I need a professional website and business email to receive one-on-one counseling from my APEX Accelerator?


To be taken seriously in government contracting, a professional website and email address are essential. Large primes and government customers rarely see a Yahoo, Gmail, or another personal email address and think the business reaching out is capable and qualified. An unprofessional email address will in fact harm most GovCon Business development efforts. Part of marketing your company to a government audience is demonstrating the requisite skills to meet the requirements of the contract, including good cybersecurity hygiene, even if your company is selling a consumer good or service that does not by itself require an online presence.

APEX Accelerators are funded to provide technical assistance and training to companies who have the products and services government is seeking to buy. We cannot help you formulate a business idea from scratch and we also do not have the resources to assist with other startup activities such as website development. All who are interested in our Government Contracting focused training are welcome to attend our events and take advantage our useful links page. Startup advice, basic marketing help, or assistance in establishing a business can be obtained from your local SBDC:


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