I want one-on-one counseling from Virginia APEX Accelerator. How do I determine if my company is considered based/headquartered in Virginia?


As determined in Hertz Corp. v. Friend, “…the phrase “principal place of business” refers to the place where the corporation’s high level officers direct, control, and coordinate the corporation’s activities.” Also known as the “nerve center” of the business, the headquarters is generally the address a company would list on their registration if doing business with the federal government. A corporation can be incorporated in a different state than where its headquarters are located but for the purposes of Virginia APEX Accelerator counseling eligibility, we use the headquarters address, and not the incorporation address, to determine if you are eligible for counseling or referred to another APEX Accelerator.

This is important because our team of counselors cannot service all companies that simply have a Virginia address or an employee who lives in our service area. Our federal funding is limited to those companies based (aka headquartered) in our local coverage area.

Given our proximity to the federal government, we receive many requests for counseling from companies headquartered in other parts of the country because they believe we have greater insights into doing business with federal agencies. This is a misunderstanding of our role as educators. All APEX Accelerators nationwide are positioned to provide one-on-one counseling on doing business with the Federal Government and work with agencies both locally and virtually to host events for their clients. A business may not use the counseling services of more than one APEX Accelerator unless it is coordinated through their local jurisdiction, should the local counselor need additional guidance/assistance from an APEX Procurement Counselor elsewhere in the country.

If your company is based outside of Virginia but you are seeking to do business with State/Local government in Virginia, simply request assistance from your local APEX Accelerator and your assigned counselor will reach out to our Statewide Director if they have any questions on doing business with State/Local entities specific to Virginia.

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