Why have you changed your identity from PTAC to APEX?


Changes to the terms and conditions of our federal funding require that we use “APEX Accelerator” in our name in order to create reflect the recent updates to our oversight and renewed focus on successful outcomes for our clients. As we have heard from our friends at the Department of Defense, APEX is not an acronym, it’s a destination.

We have not changed our mission and the branding changes will not impact the essential services, though it may put an additional spotlight on what services we can offer to stakeholders and new clients. Some highlights of the transition to Virginia APEX Accelerator include:

  • Emails sent to will continue to be received and our new email handle of, operational as of 1/1/2024
  • URLs for our main website and client login have changed but redirects will be put in place for 90 days to give you time to update your bookmarks
    • The new website address will be
    • The new client login will be
  • Phone numbers and staff emails will remain unchanged
  • You may still see the occasional Virginia PTAC branded business card or brochure as we transition but contact information for individual counselors will not change as a result of the brand change, and we are still George Mason University employees
  • Services remain the same: Counseling, Training, and Bid Match Service

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