Beware GovCon Predators


This real looking website is actually a fake.

Please don’t be duped into giving away your password by a fraudulent website using phishing and website spoofing to make you believe you landed on the correct page. This one will be taken down but more will take its place so practice safe and sensible precautions such as:

  • Avoid clicking on links sent by someone you don’t know and/or weren’t expecting a message from;
  • Look for typos in emails and website addresses. sam-gov is NOT the same as;
  • Don’t rely on a browser or search engine to give you the right website. Ads and clever page rank strategies can often push the illegitimate websites into the first search results you see;
  • Teach yourself about cybersecurity and attend our upcoming CMMC training to become savvy and recognize the tricks employed by these predators. Find the latest training by searching our events calendar: and use the key word CMMC in your search

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